Home Remodels in Sedona


Transforming Sedona

Morris Fine Homebuilding is the definition of a “local.” Born in Jerome as a descendent of an Arizona pioneer family he “knows the territory,” which is a distinct advantage for his clients. Their heritage accounts for their propensity for building personal residences that reflect the history and beauty of the Verde Valley where they grew up.

“Remodeling quaint, modest homes in original neighborhoods has become stylish.”

Distinctive Lifestyle

Now, Phil and his team are announcing an expansion of The Morris Company’s remodel division. In areas like spectacular Sedona, surrounded by National Forest, vacant land for new, custom homes is limited. Remodeling quaint, modest homes in original neighborhoods has become stylish. Familiarity with this area, and early construction methods, makes this team the best choice to complete a remodel project that reflects the past with the conveniences of modern technology.

“Especially important with renovations and additions is an understanding of the homeowner’s distinctive lifestyle.”


“Especially important with renovations and additions is an understanding of the homeowner’s distinctive lifestyle, and combining that with the unique aspects of each project. Larger kitchens, space-efficient bathrooms, outdoor living areas and even wine cellars have become very popular in today’s remodeled homes.” says Phil, a knowledgeable wine connoisseur and gourmet. “Enthusiasm for Arizona’s wine industry has reached a level of popularity that home owners not only want custom cellars for storage of their wine collections, but also a special place to taste wine and relax. Kitchens, both indoor and outdoor, are now very stylish as a place to socialize with family and guests.”


Showcasing Sedona's Rich Landscape

The Morris Company’s team has extensive knowledge of available resources which enables them to complete a remodel project within budget and with expert craftsmanship. Plus, with the help of their in-house architect, the entire process will be simple and easy. Recent projects include an historic home overlooking Oak Creek wine country; an Enchantment Resort estate; and a modest, late-century home in West Sedona.

Exceptional Reputation

The trust and confidence displayed by clients, who also become long-time friends, are a testament to the professionalism and exceptional reputation of The Morris Company. It is not a surprise that the charm, character and comfort of homes remodeled by Phil and his team bring out loving compliments from all who view them.

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