Arizona Homebuilder Magazine Feature: Sedona Home Builder Morris

Sedona boasts memorable vistas and a resort style of living that makes it a unique and highly sought after destination. Pair that desirable lifestyle with homes of the finest design and craftsmanship and you will understand why The Morris Company enjoys a reputation as the premier homebuilder in Sedona and Northern Arizona.

In selected locations throughout the area, you find special residences that are far from the norm …nestled in private enclaves or overlooking dramatic red rocks. These homes frequently encompass architectural style and design that set them apart. The Morris Company builds custom homes, such as these, for discriminating clients who understand and appreciate quality. With nearly forty years and four generations of residential construction experience, this family-owned company is proud to be the choice of homeowners and architects alike.

Past projects include Sedona’s fabled Enchantment Resort, as well as several private residences within that development. Presently they have homes under construction in Seven Canyons, Eagle Mountain Ranch, Back O’ Beyond Ranch and other premium home sites in the area. Whether the project is for an existing lot, or a to-be-selected property, The Morris Company wants to make each dream home a reality.

Morris, founder of the company, was born and raised in nearby Jerome, Arizona, and has family roots that go back as far as the original settlers of Sedona. “In 1967, when we started our own business, there were three home builders in the area. Now there are over three hundred,” he laughs, “so experience and professionalism really count. We’re proud to offer that high standard of professionalism and our clients attest to it.”

The Morris Company is Sedona’s oldest custom homebuilder.

Therefore it is no surprise that they have long-established and trusted relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors who share their same high standards and attention to detail. “Every one of our employees is a part of our team and we’re all striving first and foremost for customer satisfaction,” states. “Our trades people are hand-picked – not only for their skills, but because they respect our goals as well as the client’s budget.”

“Our company knows that competitive pricing is vital. Whether we are building a large stately home or a modest part-time second home -- regardless of size or budget – we provide our clients with the finest quality craftsmanship and a close attention to costs. Our depth and breadth of experience can be invaluable when homeowners need to make selective choices. No matter if the home is for a family, or retirees, or someone’s vacation retreat, we apply the same criteria of excellence.”

Another hallmark of The Morris Company is their standard of fine architectural design.

In addition to the built-in comforts of home automation, lighting control systems, and hand selected material choices, they are well aware of other subtleties …line, function, form, maximizing the view, street-scaping, and being considerate of neighboring properties.

“We insist that every home we build look and feel as good as the budget will allow,” Morris says. “That means good architecture that will last far into the future. Just look at some of our past projects, perhaps in Oak Creek or other Northern Arizona sites, and you’ll see homes that are as desirable now as the day they were built.”

The company has built homes for world-renowned architects. “We’re often brought into a project at the same time an architect is selected, since that is the most efficient way to create a custom home. Then we can work together as a team and be cognizant of the client’s budget throughout the design process.”

They must be doing something right. In many cases they have built subsequent homes for clients who want a larger residence or desire another location. And they also have second-generation clients. “It’s a real privilege to be chosen to build private homes, since that represents the most personal comfort and security to their owners,” says. “It’s a nice compliment when those old friends return to us again.”

Every so often the company takes on special commercial projects, but custom residences remain their specialty. Whether the style is traditional or contemporary, no construction detail is too small to overlook, both inside the home and out. It is that meticulous attention to cabinetry, millwork, and all of the other fine details of luxury homes, that ultimately provide the greatest satisfaction and comfort to the homeowner.

“We hope that in another forty years The Morris Company will still be offering that kind of lasting craftsmanship. Sedona is our home too and it is both gratifying and exciting to see the community grow.”

“We are extremely pleased and proud of our past performance,” states , “but we eagerly look to the future for new friends, new clients and new challenges.”